Marijuana is a strong psychoactive drug which is formed from the cannabis plant. It is a very commonly used drug all around the world, mainly for 2 purposes. One of them is recreational use and the other is medical use. But mainly it is used for recreational use as people around the world consume marijuana on a daily basis for various [purpose. They have different needs, which are fulfilled by regular dosage of marijuana. Marijuana is basically made from Cannabis plants, which has a lot of recognition around the world. Basically the main component of a cannabis plant which makes people high is the THC part of the plant which decides the strength of the plant and how people will react to it.

Here we will discuss the recreational purpose of cannabis and how it is consumed worldwide and in what form is it consumed.

Recreational use of Marijuana/Cannabis:

Cannabis or mainly known as marijuana, has been linked to physiological advancements in the consumer’s body. It is one of the strongest drug plants in the world so it has many effects related to the human body and human mind and it is also known to distort the human brain to many levels if it is consumed in heavy amounts. But on the other hand it is known to provide many liberties of human bodies to the consumer and it is also known to get the consumer many alterations to the consumer’s physician as well as the mental system. For example if the strain that you consume is strong, like Bubba Kush Strain. Apart from that, there are many strains which are strong enough to give your soul some nice chills.

If someone consumes too much marijuana without any medical regulation or assistance, there is a high risk of them suffering from acute psychosis. But let’s be honest, once you find the pleasures of life and an escape from the harsh treatment of life, you can sacrifice a little health for it. Can you?

Strains of Marijuana

Cannabis is mainly consumed by smoking it. It can be smoked in various forms, such as smoking them in the form of paper rolled joints. Apart from this way of smoking marijuana, you can also smoke them from pots or from hookah. But as the world is growing day by day, so now there are portable forms of hookah with a water chamber attached to them, which are known as bongs. But what exactly is burnt to get the essence of marijuana out of these smoking equipment.
The main substance that is burnt during the smoking of marijuana are the different strains of marijuana. If you ever encounter someone smoking pot around you, and you witness a very pleasing aroma, it is going to be the aroma of the strain that he is consuming.
There are many kinds of strains of marijuana. Every strain has its own distinct aroma, taste and strength. Some of the most loved strains of marijuana are listed below:

All of these strains are of high demand in the marijuana market and all of them are consumed vastly around the world. But our own suggestion is the Moon Rock strain, which is strongest of all of the strains mentioned above.

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