Do you want to get high and enjoy the best moments of your life in a better manner? Or do you want to kick start your day and start having active mornings with productivity doubled in no time?Then, the best you can do is opting for a girl scout cookies seeds and start consuming it to make your days’ rock and roll from the moment you take a Kush of this magical strain of marijuana. Here are the things that you need to know about this strain of marijuana.

Properties and Details

The girl scout cookies seeds were first invented in san Francisco, which is in the southern state of California. Basically it is the mix of Ocean Grown Kush and Durban Poison strain. It was grown near the Bay of California but due to its fame and extremely popular reputation, it just didn’t stay inside the borders of California and moved out of the borders and gained worldwide reputation.

As far as the texture of this strain is concerned, it has one of the most beautiful looking twisted green calyxes, which are further wrapped in shade of purple pinkish leaves and glowy orange hair. The aroma of this strain is very earthly and has a sweet tint of flavour added to it. But as far the THC levels are concerned, it has high THC levels which have also won it many awards in Cannabis Cup awards.
It takes almost 9 to 10 weeks for this plant to grow indoors.

Girl Scout Cookies Seeds Effect

The effects of this strain of marijuana are very overwhelming and make you drizzle and move into the heights of ecstasy. It is used for patients who need strong doses of relief and want to get rid of any kinds of pain or appetite loss and nausea. It is basically very strong in THC levels which lead to the patient having strong ecstasy and they get relieved of any kind of the pain that they’re suffering from. Apart from that, it also helps to get away with insomnia.
But there are also some negatives of usage of this strain. These negatives are that, Dry mouth or dry eyes or feeling paranoid.

  • THC:70.00 %
  • CBD:17.00 %
  • Type:Feminised

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