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Do you want to get high and enjoy the best moments of your life in a better manner? Or do you want to kickstart your day and start having active mornings with productivity doubled in no time? Then , the best you can do is opting for a gelato 33 strain and start consuming it to make your days rock and roll from the moment you take a kush of this magical strain of marijuana. Here are the things that you need to know about this strain of marijuana.


It is also known as the Larry Bird and can be known as one of the strongest strains of marijuana and it is something that you need to consume in a very preventive manner as it has strong after effects. It was first cultivated in Northern California’s Bay area and was cultivated by the local farmers. It is also said that this certain group of strain comes from the marijuana cultivation of the Cookie family, which is cultivated by one of the oldest cultivators of marijuana, Mario Guzman.

Gelato Strain Properties

Gelato 33 strain has very unique properties and THC level is normally 22% in a regular serving. Although it may seem that 22% THC will not be as strong but once you consume the strain, you will definitely experience the strength of this strain. The structure of this strain is very soft and elegant. It has a finishing like frosty trichomes. As far as the scent of this product is concerned, the scent of this strain is very much like orange or any other kind of citrusy flavour mixed with the scent of earth and fresh mint. It gains such scents because of the elements of which it is made up of. Sunset Sherbet thin mint girl cookies are used to make this strain of marijuana.


Gelato Strain Effect

It doesn’t matter if you are a very common or chain smoker, whenever you are consuming this certain strain of marijuana, you need to be careful with the amount of dosage that you are obtaining. Once you kush in the dose, it kicks in immediately and its effects are super strong. It will suddenly uplift you and will give you a happy vibe. And after sometime it will give out the body relaxation enzymes and will start buzzing your mind. So consume this dose with a well defined limit.

  • THC:19%
  • CBD:1%
  • Plant:Hybrid

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30 grams, 1/2 pound, 1 pound

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