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We can determine the origin of this certain strain of marijuana by it’s name itself. Yes you are right, it was generated by The Hulks hair, being dried and then crushed to produce this marijuana. Just Kidding, the name given to this certain strain of marijuana is Bruce banner strain, because it has a tint green color and texture and it is a strong effect strain of marijuana. This is why it is named after “The Hulk”.

It was bred by the Los Angeles based cultivar, known as the Dark Horse Genetics, which is one of the most popular and accepted cultivar in the marijuana cultivating market.

Bruce Banner Strain Extraction

The Bruce banner strain is normally grown outdoors and in some cases indoors as well. It was first produced in a lab but now you can grow the plant indoors. By getting the seeds, we can sow them into soil and wait for them to give you the proper strain in around 8 to 9 weeks. During this time we need to maintain the temperature of the surroundings to be around 65 to 80 degrees Fahrenheit. Although this plant can easily grow in cold conditions but to get the best yield of the strain, you need to follow the optimum temperature.
To increase the yield and lessen up the yield time, we can use the phosphorous heavy nutrients or compost heap as well.

Bruce Banner Uses

Bruce Banner Strain has quite a lot of uses. It is majorly used in anesthesia as well. Apart from medical uses, people consume it to have hallucinations.

It doesn’t have any negative effect. It increases the activeness of a person. Bruce banner strain is said to be one of the strongest marijuana strains inside the world.

It not only eases and kills anybody pain but also makes you high and gives you a feel of extreme relaxation.
People use it to take a relief from their daily life stress. It is also one of the most popular consumed cannabis around the globe and has been known to be beneficial for many medical patients.
This strain of marijuana also helps with anxiety and chronic pain relief.

  • THC:23%
  • CBD:2%
  • Plant:Hybrid


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30 grams, 1/2 pound, 1 pound

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