Blue Dream Vape. The sativa dominant hybrid of Sativa Haze and Blueberry Indica. As the name indicates it contains the flavor of blueberry and goodness of Sativa Haze. The product is known for balancing the body relaxation along with cerebral invigoration. The effect is sweet and calm. The effects do not just kick in and appear gradually and take you in the calmness very slowly.

Blue dream vape is known for delivering symptom relief without showing sedative action. It is good to be taken at daytime, since there is no sedative effect of the product. The aroma of sweet berry that comes from its blueberry parent when combined with the euphoric effect, gives the feeling of ultimate pleasure to the user. 420 dispensary has the product which is potent, pure and is available in different concentrations.

  • THC:65%
  • CBD:1%
  • Type:Hybrid

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