Pre rolls

They are simply pre-rolled joints made with CBD flowers, a cannabis strain that contains THC. A lot of these pre-rolls are made with a combination of plant material, and sometimes that include smaller stems. Hemp flower that contains a high amount of CBD offers the same benefits of other forms of CBD ( tincture, edibles, capsules, vaporizing), but works much more rapidly than any of them and it is widely used in pre-rolls. The problem with the pre-rolls is the paper because paper hides the ingredients or things that are used inside. The quality of the pre-rolls depends on the producer to producer some use very high-quality flowers and some very poor. Some producers use trim which are the leaves and stems that are cut away from the bud before curing. Because the pre-rolls are covered with the paper a consumer can not judge which flowers are used inside. So, many stores may see little advantage in stocking high-quality pre-rolls. Different cannabis strains tend to produce distinct effects. If you are using them for energy and excitement, smoke a Sativa. To tune out and turn off, try an Indica. For a balanced high, have a hybrid. If you do not want to get high and just need some anxiety or pain relief, try a CBD.

We have 3 different types of Pre Rolls

Buy dank woods pre-rolls

They are made from all-natural Maduro backwoods leaf wrapped around 2 grams of all organic fire bud, with a quarter gram of concentrate made from nugs, rolled in kief with a custom-made reusable quartz filter.

Tangie Galaxy Pre Roll

Tangie galaxy pre-rolls are inspired by the creation of several citrusy hybrids, including sour tangy (east coast sour diesel crossed with tangy,) tangie OG ( tangy and OG Kush ), and agent tangy ( agent orange plus tangie).

Watermelon Galaxy Pre Roll

Watermelon is an all-around mystery, created from unknown parents in an anonymous breeder’s garden. It tastes and smells like sweet tropical fruit with an earthly background, according to the pacific seed bank. The cultivar also reportedly tests at an average of 17% THC and 3-10% CBD.

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