Marijuana Seeds

Cannabis is a dioecious plant means its male and female reproductive organs are present in different plants. In order to produce high quality marijuana seeds, the female is grown far from the male plant. These female plants are called sinsemilla, meaning without seeds in Spanish. The female plant is kept away from the male plant because if they interact the male plant will pollinate the female one and will obstruct its ability to produce high quality weed. When the female plant is fully grown then the male plant pollinates it, it will produce seeds. As the seeds mature, they drop from the plant and grow new plants.
Usually these seeds are used for harvesting food or hemp oil. The seeds once grown will show after six weeks the gender of the plant. A female plant usually grows buds in the middle of the new branch and the main stock. Plus there is presence of pistil in the female flowers.
There are ways to make the plant grow feminized seeds and autoflowering cannabis seeds.

Feminized cannabis seeds

The feminized seeds are the ones in which hermaphrodite condition is caused in the plant. It ensures that the plant is a female and is genetically identical to the self-pollinated female plant. This technique ensures that the plant will grow into a female one, this technique can save a great amount of time and money.

Autoflowering Cannabis Seeds

In order to change the plant from its vegetative stage to its flowering stage. In this technique the plant is exposed to the light (photoperiod), then the plant is kept in dark every day for a few weeks to help it attain its flowering stage. They are based on Cannabis rederalis species, the specie flowers as it reaches to a certain age without the need of photoperiod or dark period. The plant can be grown in the early rainy season as the plant flowers in the summer season.
We have the variety of feminized and autoflowering cannabis seeds to help you grow them by yourself. We have the right marijuana seeds you need near you.

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