Marijuana Flowers

The marijuana flower is the smoke able and trichome covered part of the female cannabis plant. They are also known as buds, nuggets or nugs. The flower contains the trichomes which are rich in concentrates. The flowers of female cannabis are used to smoke for the drug.

Anatomy of flower

Trichomes are the mushroom like microscopic structures growing on the surface of the flowers. The trichomes are called Marijuana concentrates and they have the highest potency of marijuana.
These cover the female reproductive parts of the plants. In marijuana flower, it surrounds the flower’s inflorescence.
These are the sepals which shield the flower’s base. They are small leaves at the base of the flower, they are usually confused with the bracts.
These are the leaf like parts of a compound leaf in the flower. This the symbol of the cannabis flower which is used worldwide. The leaflet is also called sugar leaves.
The stigma is present in the pistil of the flower. Stigma are the hair like extensions coming out of the pistil. This is the female reproductive part of the flower.
The flowers have the most potency when they are n bud form. The buds are picked and dried on a surface for few hours, then they are saved in a container. They are consumed in a number of ways like in a joint or a blunt or smoked in a pipe or a bong.
The flowers are consumed in a number of forms:
Pre rolls
This is the non-combusted form of the flower which is available for purchase in a cylindrical or conelike cigarettes called joint, burnts or pre rolls.
Loose flower
The marijuana purchased from the dispensary is loose flowers, means the consumer is buying the loose flowers of the plant and they are used by grinding before smoking.

How are the Flowers Stored?

The flowers are stored in airtight containers in a humid environment. The flowers should be kept away from sunlight, oxygen, heat, and UV light. The most favorable way to store them is to use a mason jar to keep them moist.
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