Marijuana Edibles

Marijuana edibles are the food items that are made from marijuana concentrate or flowers. The range in the marijuana items is large. It can be baked goods, beverages, cooking oil, THC gummies, and CBD mints.


The benefit of consuming marijuana edibles is that you can consume marijuana without the use of vape or smoking weed. This gives an easy way to take the drug.

Onset and Duration

The edibles are digested through the digestive system, so it means that the onset of the drug will not be instant, it will take some time. Usually the onset after eating the marijuana edible can start from 20 minutes to 3 hours.


The amount of marijuana in the product will depend on the potency of the drug in the edible. These edibles have both THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) and CBD (cannabidiol). The ratios of THC and CBD vary in all the edibles. Doses are written on the wrapper of the edible so that you know how much you need. For a beginner the dose is between 1 – 5 mg, an intermediate can have a dose between 5 – 20 mg, and an expert can have the edibles with a dose of 20+ mg. Dosing is recommended because you never know how your body will react to it.

How is it digested?

The type of edible and ingredients used in it can affect the potency of the drug. Which in turn can vary the onset and duration of the drug. The use of raw cannabis in edible cannot have any intoxicating effect on the body because our body cannot convert THCA into THC. It is easy to cook with cannabis and make marijuana edibles.

Side Effect

The only problem or danger in consumption of the edibles is that there is a possibility that you can consume too much of the food and may have accidental ingestion of the edibles. The effects are similar to the marijuana, that is, increased heart rate and blood pressure.
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