Exploring the Local Scene: A Guide of Fun Activities Near Iconic Wellness

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When visiting Sturgis, MI, Gaylord, MI, and Lowell, MI, patrons of Iconic Wellness are in for a delightful surprise. Not only do these locations feature top-notch recreational cannabis dispensaries, but they’re also rich in other local attractions and activities.

Whether you’re a medical marijuana patient stopping by a local dispensary or a casual visitor exploring the “pot shops” around, immerse yourself in the culture of the town.

In the heart of Sturgis, visit the Sturgis Motorcycle Museum & Hall of Fame that offers a unique look into the world of motorcycles or stroll through the parks for a relaxing afternoon.

In Gaylord, you can visit the Louis M. Groen Nature Preserve, perfect for nature lovers featuring trails, picnic areas, and a glorious lake. There’s also the Gaylord’s City Elk Park, a popular attraction where you can watch elk in their natural habitat.

Lowell, MI, known as “The Next Place To Be”, boasts the Lower Falls of the Grand River and the stunning Creekside Park. Lowell also offers an exciting year-around calendar filled with events and festivals.

Remember to embrace local comforts, visit the recreational cannabis dispensaries, familiarize yourself with the local culture, and most importantly, have fun while you’re here. Always be mindful and ensure your activities align with the local and state regulations. Enjoy the natural beauty and local charm these areas have to offer.