Marijuana Concentrates


Marijuana comes from Cannabis plant, also known as weed. The buds of the plant contain the drug. Marijuana flower has some mushroom like outgrowths, which are collectively called as marijuana concentrates. These concentrates are rich in tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) which is the active in the marijuana.


The flowers are harvested fresh from the branches and placed on a surface to dry for 5 – 15 days, depending on the weather and environmental conditions. Then these flowers are stored in an airtight container and as they are moist, they are ready for extraction. A number of ways including dry processing, water-based processing, using nonflammable solvents, and using flammable solvents makes the product.


The final product looks like a gooey wax (hash oil), or a soft solid (budder) or a hard solid (shatter). The concentrates contain the highest levels of THC. The concentrates that are extracted through solvent based process, the average level of THC are 54% – 69%. Whereas, if extracted by non-solvent process the levels are between 39% – 60%. The use of solvent-based process is very dangerous. The licensed commercial facilities use a safer extraction process. Based on their extraction they are of different types:

  • Rosin
  • CO2 Oil
  • Hashish
  • Wax
  • Shatter
  • Butane hash oil


The point of concern in using the concentrates is that they might be contaminated. The contamination can be the pesticides or the solvent residual left in the concentrate.


The concentrate is consumed by vaporizing and inhaling the concentrate using a vape pen or dabbing. The use of concentrate provides a much potent and high quality of marijuana.

Effects of marijuana concentrate

It can cause a high blood pressure as it raises the heart rate and can cause hallucinations. Along with being an addicted drug, the concentrates are used for seizure disorders, cancer and other terminal illnesses.
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